For schools, kinder gardens and groups we offer a concessionary price packages, which will allow any group to experience an unforgettable fun in our centre for a very favourable prices. The children can not only enjoy plenty of fun in our centre but can also borrow a educational tools like blackboards, magic markers, colouring pictures and much more. This allows for the children to learn in a non-traditional way in our centre.

General conditions for use of the school, kinder gardens and groups:

  • The packages can only be used during the week days (therefore does not apply for weekends, bank holidays and other holidays).
  • The length of stay is not time restricted.
  • Payment only in cash.
  • The pedagogical accompaniment has a free entry
  • The minimal number of children is 10 in order to get the concessionary price package.


Package n. 1

Price 89/Kč/1 child

Price includes: entry for one child


Package n. 2

Price 119 Kč/1 child

Price included: entry for one child

Snack – raspberry drink 0.3l + toast with ham and cheese


Package n. 3

Price 149 Kč/1 child

Price includes: entry for 1 child

Lunch- raspberry drink 0.3l + chicken steak 100g + French fries


In case our offered packages do not meet your expectations, do not hesitate to contact us and we will create an individual price offer, that will be to your expectations.

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